Vision & Mission

Our mission enhancement cuts to the heart of how we approach our everyday business, by reaffirming our vision and mission and core values. The core values are significant, as they address our thoughts on student and employee development to help BMC achieve ongoing excellence.


Our Vision

To be a leader in holistic education. 


Our Mission

To provide affordable quality education and advance the interest of lifelong learning.


Our Values


  • BMC is approachable because our staff know the importance of being friendly, kind and helpful to all. BMC staff strive to provide excellent customer service in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.



  • BMC is affordable because we always compare our fees to our competitors and ensure our fees are lower. We also consider our customers financial constraints when making any decisions.



  • BMC is active because we are a dynamic organisation. BMC has been enriching lives since 1966. This shows our root (humble beginning) and our commitment to the whole society. We always keep ourselves abreast with what is going on in the private education industry, strive to improve ourselves continuously and promote student-centric learning culture.



  • BMC values and respects every one. Our staff are guided by the belief that to gain respect from others we need to not only respect ourselves but also others.



  • BMC works as a team because Together Everyone Achieves More!


Educational Goals

1.To be a leader in holistic education

  • by preparing students to meet the challenges of life as well as academics;
  • by conducting student-centred classes that empower students to be active participants; and
  • by developing educational activities that encourage students to participate in their own


2.To offer industry-relevant courses

  • by developing courses which prepare students for life and career; and
  • by equipping students with industry-relevant knowledge and skills as well as imparting soft skills which are essential to meet the challenges of the industry.


3.To prepare students to be life long learners

  • by educating students that learning is a lifelong process; and
  • by developing enrichment activities centred around lifelong learning.


Quality Management

Quality Management is defined at BMC as a continuous, active and responsive process that seeks to improve the outcome for our customers and stakeholders in the context of achieving BMC ‘s mission, vision and goals.


Customer Service Philosophy

Our goal is to provide service that promptly meets our customers needs and exceeds their expectations. They see us as an organisation that is responsive, active, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, flexible and reliable.

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