BTEC Level 7 Professional qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership are designed to provide focused and specialist vocational short courses, linked to professional body requirements and National Occupational Standards where appropriate, with a clear work-related emphasis. The qualifications provide short vocational programmes of study that meet the individual needs of learners.

The Pearson BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and leadership extends the work-related focus from the BTEC Level 7 Certificate. There is potential for the qualification to prepare learners for employment in a particular vocational sector and it is suitable for those who have decided that they wish to enter a specific area of work.

The BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and leadership is directly awarded by Pearson Education, UK, one of the leading examining and awarding bodies in the United Kingdom.

BTEC Level 7 Diploma qualifications are widely welcomed by the employers, recognized by many international professional bodies and having access to UK and other universities for progressing to Masters degrees, such as an MBA, subject to the respective universities discretion.

BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership provides the learner:

  • an understanding of the links between strategic management, leadership and organisational direction, and the skills to be able to apply this understanding.
  • the methods and techniques to assess the development of their own skills to support the achievement of strategic direction.
  • the understanding and skills to support active engagement in the process of strategic change management.
  • the understanding and skills to support active engagement in the process of strategic marketing management.
  • an understanding of how the effective strategic management of human resources supports the achievement of organisational purposes and provides the skills to apply this understanding in an organisational context.
  • the understanding and skills to plan strategies to improve an organisation’s supply chain.

About Pearson Education (UK)

  • Pearson Education is part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. They believe education is for everyone, and they provide the tools for people to learn: whatever their age, wherever they are, in whatever fashion they choose. Pearson qualifications and resources ensure that students develop their skills and knowledge to the full, and are equipped to contribute positively in their chosen learning pathways and careers all over the world.
  • Pearson Education is the world’s leading learning company with a portfolio that provides innovative textbooks, assessment and testing, technology solutions and integrated services. Pearson qualification suite includes Edexcel academic, BTEC vocational and LCCI qualifications.
  • Every day all over the world Pearson products and services help learning flourish and wherever learning flourishes, so do people.
  • High School English Level
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Admission Requirements

  • Business related degree (or)
  • Non Business related degree with at least 2 years of experience in the related area (or)
  • Matured candidates (i.e. minimum 30 years old with 8 years of working experience) with minimum 2 GCE O level passes (at least C6 in English and any other subject) or 3 GCE N level passes (at least grade 5 in English and any two other subjects).
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Course Outline & Programme Structure:

The Pearson BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is a qualification with a minimum of 60 credits. The modules, levels and credit values of the programme satisfying the above requirements are given below.



Credit Value


1 Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills 10 7
2 Professional Development for Strategic Managers 5



Strategic Change Management



4 Strategic Marketing Management 10 7
5 Strategic Human Resource Management



Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics



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Module Synopsis

Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

1. Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership

2. Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organisational direction

3. Be able to assess leadership requirements

4. Be able to plan the development of leadership skills

Professional Development for Strategic Managers

1. Be able to assess personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals

2. Be able to conduct a skills audit to identify learning style

3. Be able to implement a personal development plan

Strategic Change Management

1. Understand the background to organisational strategic change

2. Understand issues relating to strategic change in an organisation

3. Be able to lead stakeholders in developing a strategy for change

4. Be able to plan to implement models for ensuring ongoing change

Strategic Marketing Management

1. Understand the principles of strategic marketing management

2. Understand the tools used to develop a strategic marketing strategy

3. Be able to use strategic marketing techniques

4. Be able to respond to changes in the marketing environment

Strategic Human Resource Management

1. Understand how the strategic management of human resources contributes to the achievement of organisational objectives

2. Be able to develop human resource plans for an organisation

3. Understand human resources policy requirements in an organisation

4. Be able to examine human resources management in an organisation

Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics

1. Understand the relationship between supply chain management (SCM) and organisational business objectives

2. Be able to use information technology to optimise supplier relationships in an organisation

3. Understand the role of information technology in supply chain management

4. Understand the role of logistics and procurement in supply chain management

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Method of Delivery

Day/evening classes taught by lecturers with academic and industry experience

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06 Months

09 Months


06 Months


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Award Criteria

Student must pass all the 6 modules to be awarded with the Pearson BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF). Students must satisfy the minimum attendance requirements – 75% for Part-Time students and 90% for Full-time (both local and international students) – in all the modules for the award of Certificate of Attendance (COA).

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Expected date of release of Assessment result

Assessment results will be available to the students within 3 months upon completion of the last assessment for that assessment cycle. Appeal (if any) on assessment results must be lodged within 7 days after the release of assessment results.


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$10,857.47 (FULL PAYMENT)S$10857.47 (FULL PAYMENT)$11,657.18 (FULL PAYMENT)
S$11127.64 (2 INSTALLMENT)
S$11397.82 (12 INSTALLMENT)
  1. All fees are subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless specified otherwise.
  2. Course Application Fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.
  3. Do not pay your school fees before you have signed the standard student contract.
  4. All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollar (S$).
  5. Fees are subject to periodic changes without prior notice.
  6. BMC accepts the following methods of payment:
    1. Cash
    2. Cashier’s order payable to BMC International College Pte Ltd
    3. Cheque payable to BMC International College Pte Ltd
    4. NETS
    5. Credit cards (VISA & Mastercard)

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