Feedback & Complaints Management System

BMC International College has a Customer Feedback and Resolution Framework in place.

The Policy

BMC believes strongly that feedback is an important part in its continual efforts to improve its products, delivery, administration and service quality. Students and/or customers are encouraged to give feedback.

Guiding Principles

BMC approaches student/customer feedback and grievances according to the following guiding principles:

Step 1:Informal management of feedback (minor problem) will be attempted on the same day it is received before escalation to Grievance or Written Grievance (major problem).
Step 2:If unresolved on the same day, the grievance will be resolved within 21 working days from the day the feedback/grievance was received.
Step 3:If the matter remains unresolved or the student is unsatisfied with the outcome, students may approach the CPE Student Services Centre for assistance. At the Student Services Centre, CPE officers will review the complaints and provide the appropriate advice.
Step 4:

The CPE may advise the student to participate in the Committee for Private Education’s (CPE’s) appointed Dispute Resolution Scheme which works as follows: Dispute Resolution Scheme

Private education institutions participation in the dispute resolution process is compulsory as stipulated by the Private Education Act.

There are two stages in the process mediation and arbitration.

Stage 1: Mediation

The complaint may be referred to the Singapore Mediation Centre for mediation.

If a settlement between the student and the private education institution could be reached at the mediation stage, a settlement agreement would be drawn up and endorsed by the respective parties, and the dispute resolved.

Stage 2: Arbitration

If the parties fail to reach a settlement through mediation, the student can progress on to arbitration for a resolution to his dispute.

The Singapore Institute of Arbitrators is the appointed provider of arbitration services.

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