Chairman’s Message

“The world we live in today is significantly different from what it was 5 or 10 years ago. No country is immune from the onslaught of globalisation. The policies and decisions made by one country can have a negative impact on another country. A company that is based in one country may have its manufacturing processes carried out in another country, and its call centre services based in yet another country. Likewise, many people now move freely around the world for travel, work, business and study. In short, who we are and what we do is no longer constrained by geography and national boundaries.”


“We can no longer stay ignorant as the world around us changes constantly. We must keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the competition. We cannot hope to survive and prosper together as a country if we do not continue to make the effort to re-look, re-invent and re-vitalise ourselves. We cannot hope to survive and prosper as individuals if we do not continue to upgrade our skills and capabilities, and keep an open mind. Indeed, those who are able to survive and thrive in this new borderless, global environment are those who can respond quickly to take advantage of the new opportunities and meet the challenges presented by globalisation.”


“The new futures for education are towards the schooling for tomorrow. It is no longer about the schools, but about learning and schooling. Our teachers and staff will make use of technology for work, learning and teaching. We also see the importance of offering industry-relevant courses examined and awarded by world class education partners. We want to achieve a high level of satisfaction from our students and partners. We want our students to have a place in the globalised economy reflecting employers acceptability of our graduates.”


“By choosing BMC, rest assured that you are in good hands and that your student experience at BMC will be a rewarding and meaningful one.”


S M Maricar 


BMC International College

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