BMC International College is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) under the Enhanced Registration Framework. Its history dates back to the time when its founder started a private school named Redhill Tutorial Institution in 1966. Over the decades BMC’s founder started other private schools to meet the increasing demand for affordable private education.

To comply with the Private Education Act 2009, BMC International Education Group Pte Ltd which owned BMC Academy was renamed BMC International College Pte Ltd on 16th December 2009. BMC International College took over the operations of BMC Academy to offer courses ranging from certificates to degrees. Today, BMC provides accounting, business, computing, counselling, engineering, hotel & tourism management and professional/vocational courses to both individuals and corporations.

BMC International College has a humble beginning, starting with a vision of its founder, in providing affordable education to the masses during its early years in 1960s. BMC has today grown in size and all its centres are located strategically around Singapore and are within the MRT (train) and bus stations.


BMC International College offers a wide range of courses from Accounting, Business, Engineering, Hotel & Tourism Management to Psychology and Counselling. BMC’s educational partners are Autodesk, Pearson Education BTEC and LCCI Qualifications, the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH), NCC Education (UK) and the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

According to statutory requirements, A PEI (private education institution) need not seek the CPE’s permission to offer any course which is no longer than one month or 50 hours in duration, unless the course leads to the award of a diploma or degree.

All courses that lead to the award of a diploma or degree at BMC are registered and approved by the CPE before BMC can offer to run them to the public. For more information on this please visit the CPE’s website at

BMC deploys teachers that meet its educational partners requirements and/or the requirements set by CPE.

ERF Certificate

EDUTRUST Certificate

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