The Student Support Services Department (SSSD) is a unit of BMC International College. It is primarily devoted to serve all students and to make sure that the learning and living environment at BMC is conducive in attaining their academic goals. Further, it is also responsible in assisting the BMC management to develop activities, advise student leaders, and conduct services in a holistic manner.


The SSSD aims to:

  • Serve the students needs that will ensure their success in the completion of their academic programmes at BMC.
  • Aid the management in developing activities, advising student organisations and student leaders and conducting services in a holistic manner.
  • Give support/assistance to students in order to help them cope with their personal problems, academic issues and other concerns.
  • Provide a means of communication for grievance and feedback.

SSSD Services

  1. Orientation Programme
    The SSSD conducts orientation programme on the first day of a new course. Through this orientation programme the nature and specific roles of the SSSD are also discussed and given emphasis.
  2. General Counselling
    This is facilitated in collaboration with the in-house psychotherapist of BMC International College. General counselling is given to students not only pertaining to their academic issues but also concerning their personal problems and other concerns.
  3. Social Programmes
    They create avenues for the BMC students to foster greater bonding among them through social activities. These activities aim to make learning a holistic experience for students. They include day trips to places of interest, sporting events, and other outing.
  4. Community Involvement
    This intends to develop students into responsible citizens through their involvement in volunteer work like visiting orphanages, elderly homes, rehabilitation centres, etc. Students may also take part in hands-on tasks like beach or community cleaning, tutoring other students with academic problems, organising fund-raising activities for the less privileged individuals in their community, etc.
  5. Learning Support Services
    The SSSD collaborates with the different departments in designing seminars or training or projects that will enhance or improve the students academic performance and life skills.
  6. Other Relevant Services Pertinent to Students’ Welfare such as EZ Link Card Applications, Reservation of Prayer/Study Rooms


BMC International College DOES NOT HAVE any student recruitment agents CURRENTLY and is not recruiting any agents in the foreseeable future.  If agents are recruited, a list of such agents will be published on this website.
Below is the list of student recruitment agents whose contracts expired in 2016.
  1. Brand-Age Pte Ltd, India
  2. Eduzone, Sri Lanka
  3. Empire Training Technologies, Sri Lanka
  4. Macpherson International Business Consultancy, Philippines
  5. Raffles Global Education Services, Malaysia
  6. Boarding Pass Consultancy Pvt Ltd, India
  7. P&D (Singapore) Educational Pte Ltd, Singapore
  8. Get Global Immigration Consultants, India
  9. Hills Education Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore
  10. Vistara Consultant Pte Ltd, Singapore
  11. Aragon Education Consultancyllp, India.
For clarifications, please send your enquiries to
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