This is a very special course which is specially prepared and designed not only for the beginners but also for those who are currently engaged in the activities of import & export but are not too conversant with their documentation and procedures. This course is conducted in a very professional systematic manner and is divided into the following topics for discussion.

Entry Requirements

Age 16 and above.

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Course Outline

Methods of payment in International Trade

  • Open Account
  • Documents Against Acceptance
  • Documents Against Payment
  • Documentary Credits

Documents Letters Of Credit

  • Revocable/Irrevocable Credit
  • Confirmed/Unconfirmed Credit
  • Restricted/Unrestricted Credit
  • Transferable Credit
  • Back to back Credit
  • Revolving Credit
  • Red Clause Credit

Bill Of Lading, Its Different Kinds And Functions

  • Received for shipment Bill of Lading
  • Shipped on board of Lading
  • Combined Transport Bill of Lading
  • Through Bill of Lading
  • Groupage Bill of Lading

How to Ensure Accurate Documentation

  • Bill of lading
  • Bill of exchange
  • Commercial invoice
  • Consular invoice
  • Customs invoice
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Insurance policy/Certificate
  • Mate’s receipt
  • G.S.P Certificate of origin
  • Sanitary Health Certificate

Articles Governing The Operational Of Documentary Credits And The Application Of The ‘UCP’ ICC Publication No.500 To Cases Of Dispute.

How To Comply With The Credits Terms – Case Study

Introduction To International Trade Terms And It’s Rules For The Interpretation Of Such Terms In Foreign Trade.

  • Trade Regulation Of Singapore
  • The Trade Develoment Board, it’s Principle
  • Functions and Documentation Services.
  • Organisation Of Singapore Customs
Import Documentation And Procedures
  • How to declare Imports
  • Singapore Trade Classification-CCCN Coding
  • Shipping Identity and it’s functions
  • Delivery Orders
  • Procedures on deleveries of cargo through PSA transit shed.
Custom Procedures
  • Registration of Specimen signature
  • Function of the revenue branch
  • Duty payment Declaration
  • Duty exemption Certificate
  • Duty exemption of trade samples
Export Documentation And Procedures
  • How to declare your Exports
  • PSA Shipping note and it’s function
  • Procedures on Exports of Cargo through PSA transit shed.
Port Of Singapre Authority Tariff
  • Charges to the account of shipper or consignee
  • Wharf handling charge local cargo -Wharf handling charge Transshipment/Re-Export Cargo
  • Store Rent on local import/export cargo
  • Store Rent on Transshipment/Re-Export Cargo
  • What is Containerisation
  • FCL container/LCL container
  • Container terminal
  • Container yard
  • Container Freight Station
  • Procedures on the clearence of FCL/LCL cargoes
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Local 15 hours
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Method of Delivery


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Criteria of Award

Candidates must fulfill at least 75% course attendance requirements by AEB to sit for examinations. To obtain the certificate, students need to obtain at least a Pass grade in their examinations.

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Grading System

No assessment

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Assessment Information

No assessment

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Appeal Process

Not applicable

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Expected date of release of Assessment result

Not applicable

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Specimen Certificate

LCCI_Sample_Certificate_UPD2_BTCH1_v2_Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Business Principles

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Fee Structures

  1. All fees are subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless specified otherwise.
  2. Course Application Fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.
  3. Do not pay your school fees before you have signed the standard student contract.
  4. All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollar (S$).
  5. Fees are subject to periodic changes without prior notice.
  6. BMC accepts the following methods of payment:
    1. Cash
    2. Cashier’s order payable to BMC International College Pte Ltd
    3. Cheque payable to BMC International College Pte Ltd
    4. NETS
    5. Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club & American Express)


*All Singaporean aged 25 and above can use their S$500 SkillsFuture from the Government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.

Part Time Fee Structure

Full-Payment Structure

Fees Breakdown
(shows the full breakdown of total payable fees)
Total Payable
Course Application Fee (not covered under FPS and not refundable) $50.00
Tuition Fee ($550.00-$120.00 $430.00
Course Material Fee $20.00
Total Fee before GST $500.00
Grand Total Amount(1st Payment) Incl GST & Course Application Fee $535.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Purpose of Fee Amount (S$) and When Payable
Late payment fees $60.00(before GST)
$64.20(after GST)
Re-take examination Admin Fee(per re-sitting)[NO GST] $50.00[NO GST]

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Local15 hours

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